Leftist revolutionaries and their comrades, many of them elected leftist/liberal officials (some of them, the Adam Smith fake moderate variety), have been tearing or taking down historic, patriotic statues and memorabilia around our nation, changing or trying to change traditional names of institutions, and instituting a leftist/socialist agenda in the schools. The revolutionaries’ drive to foster dissension, and dislike or hatred of traditional America from within and abroad, has been on full drive, with the help of the fairly new, bumbling feckless president and his leftist aides and cabinet members.

We, the would-be freshman representatives, who strive to bring centrist-to-conservative control to the next One Hundred Eighteenth Congress, should come with a plan to have a restoration of traditional America. A plan that is complete with artists who would rebuild or replace our fallen statues and re-sketch our defaced paintings, historians who would make sure that the schools are teaching actual history with the greatness of the flowering of America within its textbooks, and a multitude of new educators to replace those who refuse to even step inside a classroom, because of their irrational fears about classrooms and the virus (ostensible fears, at least), and the outright, open communists who are the rear guard of the Left’s most fervent revolutionaries and activists, and aren’t content with teaching basic schooling (reading, writing and arithmetic), as they refuse to keep their personal politics out of the classroom. This along with rebuilding our national security framework that leftists like Biden’s “Open Borders” Czar, Alejandro Mayorkas, are steadily tearing down, can be the restoration of our beloved nation, America, if we get the votes.

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