Usually, I depend on my own money a lot to run my campaigns, with very few donations, but 2022 will be different, and so much so that I may not even make it onto the ballot if I don’t get a lot more contributions than usual. That means Doug Basler would probably be the G.O.P. nominee, again (for the 5th time), and although I would support him if necessary, I would much rather have somebody like me as the nominee rather than a “get along, go along” RINO, as we have too many of those already in D.C.

My first order of business when I get to Washington, D.C., will be to impeach the “open borders” czar, Alejandro Mayorkas. I can hear the RINOs, now, hemming and hawing, and almost having a nervous breakdown, saying, “Let’s not rock the boat too much, maybe Mayorkas will listen to us after the umpteenth time.” No to that…when we take charge, we’re going to reorder the government on a “Save America” basis. We’re going to have plenty of impeachments, not just Mayorkas for not enforcing our immigration laws.

The only way we’re going to get an uncompromising “Save America” candidate on the ballot in the 9th District is to make sure that I get on the ballot, and that’s going to cost about $2000. I have used up all of my expendable money for past campaigns, so I’ll need your help; preferably well before the May filing deadline. I should have a GoFundMe account by New Year’s Day if everything goes right, but in the meantime, feel free to use the Contact/Contribute page’s mailing address to send checks or money orders. Thank you. God bless America!

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