Some people will be surprised by this, but one of my first bills in the One Hundred Eighteenth Congress will be to make Daylight Savings Time permanent, i.e., no more switching the clock back and forth every several months. Before the last switch (I believe it was Nov., 2021), I was sleeping very good, either so-called REM sleep or some variation of that…you know, the nice, real deep sleep.

Then the switch came in November, and I rarely have gotten that “real good” sleep since then (this happens practically every year with me, and then once you finally get used to the new clock, it’s almost time to switch, again). I’ve been upset enough about this most recent switch, and losing my good sleep, that in December, I finally did something about it after all these years of living with the ridiculous twice-a-year switch. I set the primary clock in my house back to Daylight Savings Time and called it Greene Standard Time, in other words, taking control of my own personal clock no matter what any national or state government does. This name and time only pertains to me, personally, of course, but anybody could use their own name, or whatever name, to identify “their time” if they wanted to.

So in March, 2022, when they change the clock again, Pacific Standard Time will be in sync with Greene Standard Time…which will be nice, because I won’t have to adapt my schedule to the establishment’s skewed time, which is the obvious drawback to having your own steady clock that never switches back and forth. Nonetheless, I nor anyone else should have to devise our own clocks just so there can be a sensible, steady time that marches on relentlessly in perpetuity and is never radically distorted (there will be 1-second-or-two adjustments, here and there, to make sure that time, in general, is in sync with Earth’s revolving around the Sun…that’s no big deal). I really don’t care that much if we’re on Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time just as long as one or the other is left alone and not fiddled with bi-annually. However, I think the people and special interests that like or don’t mind the present system would prefer Daylight Savings Time if one or the other had to be fixed-in-time/made permanent, so that’s another major reason that DST will be my preference when I write (or co-sponsor) the bill in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Some people have called this whole matter frivolous, but I don’t consider this matter frivolous at all, because I believe the switching back-and-forth is another one of our nation’s self inflicted wounds, e.g., putting masks on school kids for a virus that rarely effects them in a serious way, or the fact that several localities, and I believe a state or two, have implemented cashless bail…a luxury for criminals whom, many of them, thenceforth, go on to cause more havoc. Among other negative effects, switching “the clock” back and forth upsets sleeping patterns and impairs health, often times very seriously, a fact that many medical professionals have attested to. It’s time to stop the madness. Keeping our clocks fixed-in-time will be a top priority of mine if I’m elected to Congress.

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