Wow; not a week into his new 3rd term as mayor, Jim Ferrell appears to be making plans not to finish his term already, since it seems he’s on the verge of running for County Prosecutor, and in fact started the initial “paperwork,” according to a report in “Empire”/Mirror newspaper. After “Empire” helped pave the path for Ferrell’s reelection (no Q&A for mayoral candidates, among other things), you would think that Ferrell would at least wait until Spring before springing this latest news on his constituents, not a mere few days after he takes the oath of office. The good news about this, if he moves on, one of the conservative councilmembers would become mayor, among other things.

By the way, speaking of “Empire,” their little so-called political columnist rarely writes about what’s going on in Council proceedings, nor do you see that much about meetings, generally, with exceptions of particularly momentous occasions. I guess their columnist has a broader purview than Federal Way these days, and too busy writing “jokes” rather than attending meetings (to be honest, I really don’t know how often he attends meetings, but he doesn’t write about them much). Maybe he might move onto a more relatable (for him) political climate, Seattle, if his off-and-on comrade, Ferrell, gets elected Prosecutor…he would fit right in with Danny Westneat & the other “lefties” at the Times.

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