I really would rather not criticize a(n) (old) friend, generally speaking, but I went on Doug Basler’s Facebook site today, and it was spiritless, ironically almost faceless, a little pathetic, and seemed to have a paltry number of visitors to it, which is the best any non-administrator could glean by looking at it. Basler is a loyal Republican, but this is just a preview of another Basleresque campaign, which I’ll leave it up to others to characterize in the fullest sense.

I hate to say this, but Adam Smith is probably hoping that Basler becomes his General Election challenger, AGAIN, in the same way that the old Harlem Globetrotters looked forward to another outing with the hapless Washington Generals. Of course, I’ll support Basler if he makes it to the General (no pun intended), however, it’s about time for a new G.O.P. nominee in the 9th District this year, and if the latter, indeed, happens; generally speaking, somebody might want to join “Campville” (“statesman” may have to wait a couple of cycles or more, or until somebody reaches the age of this elder statesman/blogger, which is 68, if they haven’t already).

P.S. I’m not necessarily going easy on the other Republican primary challenger, but, since nobody’s ever really heard of him, I don’t really want to give him any more name recognition than broadcaster Jason Rantz already has. I consider Basler and Stephanie Gallardo my main Primary Election opponents, other than the elephant in the room, of course, Smith.

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