(UPDATED: 8:00 PM) Doug Basler has filed with the F.E.C., finally, and his first report shows a good amount of money raised, so he’s apparently getting some help from some establishment figures, and, amazingly, they’re taking a chance on a candidate, who as a 4-time Republican nominee in the 9th District, couldn’t get pass socialist Sarah Smith for main challenger to Adam Smith (2nd place), i.e., finishing “Top 2” in Primary, and (S. Smith and A. Smith) General Election candidates in the 2018 election. (A[n] [old] friend) Basler’s 4 tries to unseat Adam Smith have not been great, to put it nicely, now it’s time for somebody else to be the nominee, and everybody will get to see if that person can do any better.

It’s already a risky bet to have three Republicans in the Primary, especially since the main AOC-friendly organization is helping another socialist, Stephanie Gallardo (she continues to have the 2nd best campaign money, among candidates, next to Smith). The only thing that makes this doable is that there are one or two other Democrats, besides Smith and Gallardo, that will split up the vote among the Democratic candidates. I’m a little surprised at the high number of candidates for this race, which is another sign that the incumbent is close to wearing out his welcome as a “lifer” on the political/govt. payroll.

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